About me

Anne Marie Lambert

Aim of Get Cooking!

Hi welcome to Get Cooking!  I believe that anyone can cook with a little help and my aim is to make cooking a pleasure and not a chore.

My aim has always been to show people that cooking does not have to be complicated to taste good. It’s all about confidence about knowing what tastes good together. Mastering basic techniques to make a few staple dishes, which can be expanded into something else.

I am a great believer in sustainable cooking and finding imaginative ways to use your leftovers.

How I can help you?

Learning to cook can boost your self confidence that can spill into other parts of your life. It enables you to take control over what you eat.

I love teaching people how to cook and love to show how it is all about the ingredients and what you can do with them. I provide a range of cooking experiences online via Zoom and in person throughout Warwickshire and beyond, enabling learning at different levels for individuals and groups. From the popular bespoke private lessons, to corporate cooking events, social occasions and cooking in the community programmes where people can learn together and sit down and eat together.

Cooking is a skill that all children and adults should be exposed to as it is something that is so fundamental to your life. It can bring greater health benefits as well as pleasure to you and those around you. I love to show how you can cook with what you have in your cupboards rather than what you don’t. Recipes are not always necessary and I give you the confidence to embrace this!


Originally from York, I was brought up in a household where my mum used to make meals out of thin air. She had a knack of stretching a roast out until the boiled bones ended in the dog bowl at my nana’s house. Leftovers were always made into new meals with the addition of store cupboard staples. This is a skill which has sadly been lost over several generations in many families, not just those on limited budgets.

Skills & Experience

I completed my BSC(hons) degree in Environmental Management and Technology back in 1995 and I have always had strong values on the environment ever since collecting items for Blue Peter Appeals!

My 30 year career in hospitality, cost sector catering and food manufacturing has enabled me to acquire a vast knowledge on reducing food waste and how to be cook more sustainably by make your ingredients go further and using your leftovers. I created a booklet back in 2014 which goes into local foodbank parcels to show how to utilize them effectively along with a basic skills cooking programme which have been taught over the last 5 years for various organisations within Warwickshire.

For over 10 years I have been teaching and demonstrating all ages to cook in their homes, schools, workplaces and children’s centres. I currently run a Lets Get Cooking Club at a local school in Warwick for children along with Holiday Camp Cooking Sessions at Warwick school. I work with local groups in the community to provide projects to improve cooking skills, well being and reduce isolation of young and old.

I also provide interactive cooking demonstrations online via Zoom to WI’s, corporate clients and schools.


I love photography and enjoy growing vegetables and love to share my knowledge with others. I often use vegetables and fruit grown at my allotment in my demonstrations and lessons. A few years ago (previous kitchen and glasses!) Love Food Hate Waste filmed me to show how I was reducing food waste on a personal level. I have received training in delivering their work too.

Overall getting people together to cook in all sorts of environments is what I enjoy doing. It helps strengthen and forge new relationships with the people around us at work and within our communities.


If I can be of help to your organisation, work or school please contact me directly. I hold an enhanced CRB check, Public Liability Insurance, Food Hygiene Certificate and have received First Aid Training.

I have also received training from Love Food Hate Waste to provide workshops in reducing food waste and training from The Children’s Food Trust for Lets Get Cooking.

My main aim is to inspire more people whatever their age and ability to just Get Cooking!

Love Food Hate Waste principles at the heart of Get Cooking!