Can I eat nettles?

Yes you can eat nettles! Although you may want to check with a doctor if you suffer from kidney/urinary infections or pregnant as it is a natural diuretic. Some people are allergic to them too.

Nettles are best eaten in the Spring when the shoot are young. They contain various beneficial vitamins and minerals. They are best eaten after blanching in hot water to get rid of the sting. Only blanch briefly otherwise all the nutrients will be lost.

Spinach replacement You can cook nettles as you would spinach and great in soup or a pesto. Fresh sprouting leaves are best and avoid once it begins to flower.

Tea Leaves can be dried and stored in an air tight jar and used to make a tea. Steep the leaves in boiling water for about 4-5 minute before straining. Add sweetener of choice if you wish. Nettle tea may be helpful for various ailments including aches and pains or bloating.

Pesto A handful of nettles can be blitzed in a small hand blender with 100-150ml of oil, garlic (or three cornered leeks) and a handful of nuts or seeds like hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin or sunflower to make a tasty pesto which can be kept and added to a range of dishes.

Other uses Nettles can be added to soup, risottos and stews in replacement of spinach too.

Fancy a DIY hair conditioner? All you need to do is add a handful of nettles to one litre of cooling boiled water into a jug, add 3 or 4 tablspoons of apple cider vinegar if you wish for an extra conditoning boost. Leave to steap for up to 12 hours and strain. Use all the liquid fresh, do not store.

Three Cornered Leeks

Another common ingredient prevalent in gardens is three cornered leeks, a cross between a spring onion and garlic and works equally as well in a pesto, stir fry or salad dressing. Below I have added them and forget-me-nots to a salad. For a dressing I blended a few basil leaves and stems of three cornered leek with a dash of lemon and good glug of oil.

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