22 easy kitchen ideas to reduce energy costs

Here are some simple ways to save electricity in the kitchen. With energy prices forever increasing savings can be made quite easily with a little thought.

Cooking equates to 13.8% of electricity demand in the home (Energy Savings Trust) and the following ideas can help reduce that in the kitchen.

  1. Turn off the heat before food has fully cooked and leave it until cooked through.
  2. Heat water in the kettle before transferring to a pan.
  3. Cast iron retains heat so cooks well at a lower temperature.
  4. Place the right sized pan on the electric ring.
  5. Use a sieve as a steamer while cooking pasta, pop the lid on the top.
  6. Keep heat in the pan by ensuring pan lid is on.
  7. Use the right size pan to avoid over use of water.
  8. Glass and ceramic are great for use in the oven for conducting heat.
  9. Foil in the bottom of the oven relfect heat back in to the oven.
  10. Keep oven and hob clean, fat absorbs heat and more enrgy is used.
  11. Avoid opening the oven door while food cooking.
  12. Allow food to cool before placing in the fridge or freezer.
  13. Use a fridge thermometer to ensure it remains at 5C and no higher to reduce food going off.
  14. When using the oven, make the most of the shelves and cook two dinners at once.
  15. Choose energy efficient appliances when renewing them.
  16. Dont leave appliances on standby.
  17. Consider the method of cooking (info from Ovo):

Microwave cooking costs: £3 per year based on 10 minutes per day.

Slow cooker cooking costs: £14 per year based on 8 hours per day.

Electric hob cooking costs: £90 per year based on 30 minutes per day.

Other actions you can do with your ingredients to reduce your energy costs!

18. Slice your food thinner so it cooks more quickly. Stir fry more often.

19. Place root vegetables in the microwave to cook before finishing off in the oven.

20. Cook double and reheat quickly or batch cook and freeze in portions.

21. Take ingredients out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking.

22. Defrost ingredients before cooking to reduce cooking time.


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