• 5 top tips and recipe ideas for cooking on a budget on holiday. 12th July 2020

    Here are my top tips for cheap meal ideas on holiday so it is stress free and feels like a holiday and not a chore. Planning before you go is the key so you don’t have to think about it when you are there. I like to switch off and not really think about what I’m going to cook or spend ages cooking it. The thought of going to a busy supermarket fills me with dread when first arriving on holiday, this year even more so. Scroll down for free recipe sheet.

    1 Keep meals simple – no one wants to be spending a long time in the kitchen or taking too much food with you. Just take enough for each meal, planning meals before you go will help.

    At least take enough food to avoid shopping the weekend you arrive will avoid long queues at supermarkets and impulse buys.

    2 Freeze ahead – Take two meals with you frozen, one to have on the first night and the other the next or on the last night if you don’t intend going out and have access to a freezer. This could simply be chilli/cottage pie/lasagne/curry/soup/ ready made pizzas/frozen chips or a favourite meal.

    If you are going with another family and they cook a meal too, it will mean 4 evening meals are already catered for. This will reduce the amount of food prep and shopping required while on holiday.

    3 Take snack/picnic food – Make or take biscuits, tray of flapjack, chocolate brownies and loaf cake for afternoon treats when out and about or at the beach. (cut cake into cubes and store in plastic storage containers or cleaned out 1kg natural yoghurt pots)

    Take popping kernels, a couple of cake packet mix or pizza dough / bread mix for rainy afternoon activity or pre weigh dry ingredients, bag and label.

    4 Advance meal plan and prep – Measure out dry ingredients for each meal you intend to make. Here are a few simple main meal ideas which you can add extra fresh vegetables to and/or replace an extra protein of your choice:


    • 1 mug of rice + 1 jar of sauce or tin of coconut + onion + chickpeas + Indian paste or home made spice mix of cumin, coriander, turmeric and garam masala.
    • ¾ mug cous cous + 1 tin of mixed bean salad + Spring onions + red pepper + smoked paprika/harissa paste.
    • 3 or 4 noodle nests + 1 tin of sweetcorn + spring onions + green pepper + ready made Thai paste + 1 tin of coconut milk (optional).
    • 1/2 bag of pasta + 1 tin of tuna + 1 sweetcorn + 1 tin of butter beans + 1 onion +1 tin of flavoured tomatoes/passata and/or add dried herbs.
    •  4 large potatoes for baking/chipping + baked beans + eggs.
    • 1 mug of flour +1 mug of milk (or 1 mug of water + 3 tbsp powdered milk) + 1 egg (or 4 tbsp aquafaba/chickpea water) = 6 pancakes.
    • 1 carton of passata + smoked paprika + 1 onion + 3 peppers + 1 carrot + wraps

    Fresh veg to accompany the above and create salads to accompany meals or for packed lunches buy locally if you can or take with you.
    Half red cabbage and white cabbage
    Large pack of peppers
    Lettuce(s)/salad bags
    Mange tout
    Green beans
    Sunflower/pumpkin seeds
    Cheese of choice
    Eggs x 12

    Pack of pitta bread, wraps and poppodums
    Part baked rolls
    Loaf of bread
    Tins of fish
    Pickled beetroot/onions/olives
    Boxes of crackers
    Popping kernels
    Porridge oats/Cereal
    Pre cooked pouches of grains
    Pre cooked tins of green lentils

    Soy sauce
    Olive oil
    Lemon juice
    Smoked paprika
    Powdered milk
    Peanut butter
    Sandwich spreads of choice

    I’m sure there are other family favourite essentials you won’t forget to take with you. I hope this list helps. I always take a sharp knife, peeler, ice cube tray, and cork screw!

    Try to support local bakers, butchers and markets where you can for fresh ingredients and fruit but taking store cupboard ingredients will help you plan your meals. See if local stores are doing click and collect especially if boot space is an issue. You may need to book a slot in advance to avoid queues.

    Download for FREE Anne Marie’s easy tea recipes included in this blog.

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  • Seasonal Summer Fruit Recipes 16th June 2020

    Seasonal fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to have a varied diet. If you are growing your own produce, this is the time of year you tend to get gluts!

    Jam and cordials are the obvious choice for summer fruits. If you don’t have time to make them pop the fruit in the freezer to use in smoothies, crumbles or make jam another day.

    Fruit that grows at the same time usually provide good combinations in recipes. Elderflower cordial tastes great with numerous fruit including blackcurrants, strawberries, rhubarb and gooseberries. I also like strawberry and rhubarb as a jam, blackcurrrant and apple or for a unique flavour add a star anise when boiling up the currants.

    One of my favourite old time puddings is Summer Fruit Pudding and is very flexible… just use what fruit you have!

    Summer Fruit Pudding

    summer fruit pudding

    In a pan add 600g mixed summer fruits. 4 – 6 tbsp of sugar, 4- 6 tbsp of water or elderberry syrup and warm through until the sugar has dissolved and the fruit has broke down.

    Line a glass bowl, firstly with cling film then place strips of dry bread with the crusts taken off. Make a disc of bread for the top and the bottom using a round cookie cutter. Place the cooked fruit mix on top of the bread and make sure plenty of juices to soak into the bread. Place the disc of bread on top to seal and cover in foil. Place a heavy object or plate on top and leave to rest preferably overnight. Serve cold with a fruit syrup, cream or ice cream.

    Gooseberry jam

    Gooseberry jam along with plum is one of the easiest jams to make due to high pectin levels, which helps it set.

    Add 750g of gooseberries and 50ml of water or elderberry syrup/cordial in a heavy bottomed pan and cook until soft and broken down (about 15 minutes).

    Add juice of one lemon and 750g of sugar and bring to a rolling boil. Cook for 10 – 15 minutes until the temperature has reached 105C.

    Scrape off any scum/froth with a slotted spoon. Pour the jam carefully into sterilized* warm jars (this mix makes approx 6 x 200ml jars).

    Gooseberries go great with strawberries or elderflower syrup.

    * to sterilize jars – wash in soapy hot water and rinse then pop them on a tray, in the oven for 20 minutes at 150C.

    Fruity Gallette

    Really easy rustic open pie that can be adapted with any fruit combination. From blackcurrant and peach, rhubarb and strawberry to gooseberry and redcurrants. A recipe for all seasons!

    Add 300g of mixed fresh seasonal fruit to a pan with a few tablesppoons of sugar and a little liquid. Gently simmer the fruit until it has broken down a little.

    While this is simmering make up the pastry. In a bowl rub in 90g of butter into 150g of plain flour and 2 tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt (I replaced 40g of plain with buckwheat). Add approx 3 or 4 tbsp of water to bring the mixture together. Place the dough in the fridge for an hour.

    Roll out and place the pastry on a tray. Add the fruit on the pastry leaving a gap of 3-4 cm around the edges. Fold the pastry over the fruit leaving the centre open. Egg/milk wash the pastry and sprinkle with a little sugar. Place in a preheated oven (180C) and cook for 30-35 minutes.

    Elderflower champagne (old recipe from one of my allotment pals)

    Add 500g of sugar to 2 pints of boiling water in pan and stir until dissolved. Add 5 pints of cooled boiled water, 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 7 or 8 large elderflower heads to the pan. Place a lid on the pan and let the mix steep for up to 48 hours. Strain the liquid through a muslin into plastic bottles with screw lids.

    Elderflowers contain natural yeast and reacts with the sugar. Release the pressure of the bottles morning and night for 1 week before placing them in the fridge. Release the pressure every few days for another week then enjoy! It is important to ‘burp’ the bottles so the pressure does not build too high and cause the bottle to explode. ( I am very cautious and place the bottles in a plastic bag within the fridge just in case!)

    If you would like to learn some more seasonal recipes with fruit i can provide private and group lessons to show you how to make jams, curds and syrups for a variety of fruit and how to create individual flavour combinations.

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    zoom cooking lessons


    Live group online cooking lessons will take place on Monday evenings at 5pm and replace the regular classes at St Chad’s in Bishop’s Tachbrook during lockdown.

    Online lessons are interactive, with plenty of time for discussion. Recipes and registration links to Zoom are sent beforehand so you are ready to start cooking at the start of the lesson.

    Servings can be made for 2 or 4 people so you can share with your partner or family straight after the lesson or you can pop your creations in the fridge or freezer for another time.

    Classes last up to an hour depending what we are making. I will take you through the recipe a step at a time, while giving you hints and tips along the way. Online classes are kept to a maximum of 8 people. This ensures everyone feels comfortable and can interact with each other too.

    The cost is £10 per session for individual classes. Take a look at COURSE CONTENT AND DATES

    To book and register for these live interactive cooking lessons get in touch with Anne Marie. Recipes and equipment list will be sent out after registration.

    These lessons can also be arranged privately, also with a group of friends, family or colleagues at a different time.

    See what clients have been saying over on TripAdvisor

    Review of zoom cooking lessons
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  • ONLINE COOKING LESSONS 13th April 2020


    Over the last few weeks the online daytime free basic cooking sessions have proved very popular with individuals in isolation and families alike. Get Cooking! provides a unique experience where you can join in with other people cooking while at home.

    The lessons are at 12pm on a Monday and Friday and last anything between 30 and 45 minutes. It depends what we are cooking and discussion arising from the session.

    To register for any of the lessons coming up contact Anne Marie with your email address for the registration links to Zoom. Recipes will be sent out before the lesson begins.


    These will take place on Monday evenings at 7pm and replaces the regular class at St Chad’s in Bishop’s Tachbrook. Classes last up to an hour depending what we are making. The cost is £10 per session for individual classes. To book and register for these lessons get in touch with Anne Marie.


    Private lessons, workshops and parties can be arranged day or evenings for families, work colleagues and friends to provide a unique cooking experience. Great fun to keep connected through food!

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  • Can I really eat dandelions? 7th April 2020

    Yes you can really eat dandelions! They are versatile, nutritious and readily available! Spring is the ideal time to make a tasty vinegar to be used in summer salads.

    Here are a few ideas what you can make with this common weed!


    To make homemade dandelion apple cider vinegar all you will need is fresh dandelions and apple cider vinegar! (White wine or white vinegar can be used as an alternative.)

    Last year I made my own cider vinegar with a jar of small, windfall apples from my tree and water with a little organic cider apple vinegar that contained the ‘mother’ (jelly like substance at the bottom of the bottle). This is inspired by the chef, Tom Hunt, (recipe here) so it only seems appropriate to make an infusion with dandelion and apple cider vinegar using dandelions from my allotment. 

    You can make apple cider vinegar at any time of the year; it takes at least 6 weeks to create from start to finish.

    I’ve made dandelion vinegar many times over the years using commercial apple cider vinegar and it brings an interesting flavour to simple vinaigrette. 

    Dandelions are everywhere, especially in the Spring. All of the plant can be used in a variety of ways.  I have yet to attempt  making dandelion and burdock!


    • 20 dandelion heads
    • 250ml  (approx) apple cider vinegar


    Place about 20 dandelion heads into a small sterilised jar and fill it up with vinegar. Keep the jar in a dark cupboard for at least a week and up to 6 weeks, and then strain the vinegar into a bottle.

    The vinegar can be used to drink neat or use to make a simple vinaigrette.


    • 1 tbsp dandelion infused vinegar
    • 3 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 tsp lemon juice (alternatively honey or mustard)


    Add all the ingredients to a small jug and whisk just before adding to a salad. The mix can be stored in the fridge for several weeks. Concentrate of lemon can be used instead of fresh lemon.



    • ¾ mug of plain flour
    • ¾ mug of water
    • 1 egg


    Place all the ingredients together in a bowl and whisk until smooth.

    Dip the dandelions into the batter mix. Shake off excess before placing into a pan with enough oil to shallow fry the dandelions.  After a few minutes turn the dandelions over to cook the other side and remove from the pan once the batter is golden.

    Alternatively deep fry in oil for several minutes until golden and crispy.

    Advice regarding picking dandelions

    Ensure to leave some dandelions behind in the Spring for the bees as they are one of the earliest plants to flower in the season to provide pollen.

    Cooking with wild plants

    Dandelions have been used for centuries in many cultures to aid a variety of conditions as explained here.  

    There are many ways through the season you can incorporate ingredients from your own back garden or local hedgerows and woods.  If you would like to learn more about plants in the wild, allotment vegetables and sustainable cooking get in touch.  I provide bespoke cooking lessons online and offline based on the season.

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  • How to make dairy free milk at home 26th March 2020

    Dairy free milk is very simple to make at home. The cheapest and quickest milk to make is oat milk, which I demonstrate in the following video.

    Many people have asked me how to make dairy free milk due to limited stock on the shelves since the Corona Virus outbreak. I hope this helps people even if you just need a small amount for a regular cup of tea. I would suggest freezing milk in ice cube trays then placing them in bags and store in the freezer. Just pop one straight into your boiling mug of tea and it will soon melt. It will also cool your tea to a nice temperature at the same time!

    How to make dairy free milk at home – oat and rice milk
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    So many people sat at home due to the Corona Virus with basic foods supplies in their cupboards, I thought I would provide some free basic lessons to keep our spirits up! It will also me a bit of structure to my day too. I have tried to make sure that I have used minimal fancy ingredients and hope you can cook along with me.

    If you would like to sign up for free cooking lessons please contact me and I will forward the details of times and ingredients required. The lessons will be on Zoom and will vary in length but no longer than an hour. They are suitable for individuals and families and best watched on a laptop.


    If you are on Facebook check out some of the videos of crumble, scones and energy balls on my facebook page.

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  • Accessible Cooking Lessons at Get Cooking! 30th January 2020

    Get Cooking! provides accessible cooking lessons for all ages and abilities. I work with adults with dementia, additional needs, limited mobility, and wheelchairs. I try to accommodate all reasonable requests tailoring cooking lessons and workshops so they are accessible to as many people as possible.

    Get Cooking! provides accessible cooking lessons for those with wheelchairs and limited mobility.
    Accessible cooking lesson at Get Cooking!

    Unfortunately my downstairs toilet is not accessible to wheelchairs. My kitchen is however large enough for a standard sized wheelchair to gain access. An office chair, which is height adjustable with detachable arm rests is available for use. It helps if you require more height. I also have induction stove tops, which can be placed on my kitchen table so you are able to cook on a hob safely. If you require further information on accessible cooking lessons please get in touch.

    I currently provide baking workshops at Leycester House Care Home and volunteer at a dementia cafe in Warwick. In the past I have supported Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK with accessible cooking workshops which was great fun!

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  • New kitchen for Get Cooking! cookery school in Warwick Gates 30th September 2019

    Kitchen has been recently updated to provide a calm environment to teach private lessons whilst also enabling enough space for fun workshops and cooking parties of between 4 and 5 people for adults and children. Availability for lessons and workshops during the day and evening.  For more information contact Anne Marie.

    Workshops and private lessons can be tailored to your individual needs and dietary requirements.

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  • Get Cooking! Jaqueline Gold OBE #WOW winner 30th September 2019!/Jacqueline_Gold



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  • 2020 Cooking workshops – Christmas gift vouchers available! 30th September 2019



    (max 4-5 students per class, contact directly for more information and to book)

    Pasta making from scratch workshop – Thursday 9th January 7-9pm (£40 per place)

    Sushi workshop (vegetable/fish option) – Saturday 11th January  11-12.30pm (£35 per place)

    Vegan curry workshop – Thursday 16th January 7-9pm  7-9pm  (£40 per place)

    Pizza  and cheescake workshop  – Saturday 18th 11-12.30pm (£35 per place)

    Batch Cooking with mince – Thursday 23rd January 7-9pm (£40 per place)

    If you are booking for at least 4 places alternative dates and times can be arranged.


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  • Christmas Baking workshops 2019 5th September 2019

    Find enclosed the links for information regarding Christmas Baking workshops 2019.

    If you would like to host your own baking workshop or private lesson in my home get in touch for more dates available.

    9th December 7.30 – 9.30pm age 14+ to adult   (£21.95)

    14th December 9.30-11.30am 8+ to adult  (£21.95)

    19th December 11.45 – 2.15pm age 14+ to adult (£21.95)


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  • Get Cooking! at Leamington Food Festival 2019 5th September 2019

    Get Cooking! award winning workshops will be at the food festival again this year. See link for more details.

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  • Summer Holiday Cooking Workshops 2019 27th June 2019

    Whitnash Community Cafe in Acre Close, Whitnash is hosting several Get Cooking! sessions aimed at 2-11 years old.  They are mini 20 minute sessions depending on age and ability and run alongside other activities within the hall including crafts and toys.  There are refreshments for a small donation which helps keep the cafe running. Car park on site.  Adults must stay with the children during the session in case they need help. Contact Anne Marie to book.

    Cooking Workshops in Leamington

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  • Summer Holidays 2019 Children’s Cooking Workshops 27th June 2019

    We will be holding several workhops aimed at 11+ to 19 in my home in the summer holidays.  Small class of 4 students to ensure workshop is tailored to everyones needs and ablity. More dates may be available for groups of 4 children.  Great workshop for those leaving home.

    23rd July We will be making a full roast dinner and stock which we will eat for lunch and in the afternoon we will be using the leftovers to create some quick, tasty dinners including Chinese noodle soup and fajitas.

    30th July We will make pizza wedges, garlic bread and coleslaw for lucnh and batch cooking for the freezer with mince to make cottage pie, chillie, lasagne and cornish pasties.

    6th August  We will be making chicken Tandoori, spicy rice onepot, vegan vegetable pancakes and chapatis followed by some baking in the afternoon, scones, flapjacks and brownies.

    Depending on time their may be additional dishes made or slight alterations to the menu.

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  • Ready Steady Thai 10th May 2019

    Next cooking social is May 14th and we are going Thai again raising funds for Christian Aid.

    To book contact Catherine

    Suggested donation of £10+

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  • Coventry Food Festival 11th/12th May 2019 – Children’s cooking classes 10th May 2019

    Priory Visitor Centre FOLLOW LINKS BELOW TO BOOK!

    I will be there on Sunday providing the wrap and rainbow kebab workshops

    Coventry Food and Drink Festival 2019 Coventry City Centre

    Decorating cakes 10.30am…

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  • Social Cooking Events 14th April 2019


    Looking for a social occasion with a group or friends or your organsiation?

    Celebrate an event, reward staff or raise funds for your chosen charity.

    Ask for details on our range of fakeaway cooking events which can be tailored to your requirements.  From a simple demonstration and tasters to audience partipation to a full on hello fresh style cooking event like in the link below. Contact Anne Marie

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  • NEW! Cook – Book – Club 2nd February 2019

    Starting Wednesday 6th February 1-2.30pm at St Chad’s Centre a new relaxed friendly cooking club that encorporates some cooking in groups followed by cookbook chat and a cuppa.  Each month there will be a different theme starting with demonstrating how to make your own none dairy milk from almonds and oats and making scones with them. Cost is £10 per session. Email for more details.

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  • Thai Feast Fakeaway Saturday 9th February 3rd January 2019

    Come along and cook a Thai feast in teams in a relaxed environment (come on your own or with a group of friends) to create several dishes, which will be added to the buffet. Once everything is ready we will all sit down and eat together.  To book email before the 5th February to Anne Marie at

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  • Leamington Business Awards Winner 2018 7th December 2018

    Get Cooking! proud to receive the South Warwickshire Achievement Award 2018 for work carried out in Leamington Spa and surrounding areas over the last 5 years with local organsiations and charities.  Being able to cook gives you choices and I believe everyone should be able to access basic cooking skills and know how to to cook well whatever budget is available.

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  • Sushi Workshop – 2nd November 2018

    This workshop is just after the New Year and would make a great present for any age.  Gift voucher available! Contact Anne Marie at

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  • Pizza Making Workshop 16th October 2018

    Come along and make pizza dough from scratch. Everyone welcome! Email to book or for more information.


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  • Christmas Baking Workshop 12th September 2018

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  • Bishop’s Tachbrook – Group Cooking Lessons 17th July 2018

    There are currently spaces in our children’s class for the September term starting on Monday 10th  September 7.15-8.15pm (12 week term @ £8.50 per lesson paid termly)

    Ingredients included and aprons provided. For more information contact Anne Marie  

    See below a few examples of things we have made over the last term.

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  • Summer Cooking Sessions For Children 17th July 2018

    These sessions are suitable for 3+ with adult supervision and 7+ without. Sessions will take place within the cafe so parents can have a drink while the older chidlren cook.

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  • Privacy Policy Update 16th May 2018

    Get Cooking! Privacy Policy


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  • Sushi Making Workshop – Thursday 12th April 25th February 2018

    This workshop is open to adults and children, you can choose to eat your dishes at the end of the lesson or take home along with the bamboo mat used to make your sushi.

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  • Pasta making workshop – half term fun 25th January 2018

    Looking forward to this workshop. Children love learning how to use a pasta machine and you can get in on the fun too.  Booking essential so get in touch soon as places are limited!


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  • Free Canny Cooking! Courses 16th January 2018

    Here is the next round of free cooking on a budget cooking courses running in Leamington over the next few months.  Please get in touch directly with the children’s centre to register your interest. 


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  • Free Cooking Demonstrations – The Chain, Lillington 12th September 2017

    Want to know how to create simple tasty meals from seasonal fruit and vegetables commonly found in community veg bags? Pop along to The Chain to find out more.


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  • Children and adult cooking classes Autumn 2017 Warwick / Leamington 17th July 2017

    Children’s and adult classes at St Chad’s Centre Bishop’s Tachbrook.

    New term starts Monday September 11th. Limited availability. £7.50 per lesson.

    7.15-8.15pm Children’s class (8+)

    8.30-9.30pm Adult class (16+)

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  • Cooking & Crafting Workshops 17th July 2017

    Get Cooking! has teamed up with Chase Meadow Crafts to provide activities for children aged 3-12.  Sessions are held at St Chad’s Centre in Bishop’s Tachbrook 10.30-12.30pm on the 24th and 31st July.  Refreshments available.  Activities can be pre booked to guarantee availablilty.

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  • Cooking course for students or beginners in warwickshire 6th June 2017

    Canny Cooking!

    Learn to cook simple tasty dishes plus

    fakeaway favourites.

    Suitable course for those leaving home and those who want to learn the basics as well as favourite fakeaways.  Would make a great present for teenagers setting off to university in the Autumn.   Gift vouchers available!

    Canny Cooking!


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  • Canny Cooking! Whitnash mum’s rustle up fabulous fakeaways 13th February 2017

    Leamington Observer 2/2/17

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  • Children & adult evening cooking lessons 7th November 2016

    Cooking Lessons at St Chad’s in Bishop’s Tachbrook

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  • I CAN COOK ! 2nd September 2016

    Would you like to learn how to cook within a small friendly group?  Coming soon! ‘I can cook’ and ‘I can bake’ classes in the Warwick/Leamington Spa area.  Day and evening classes will be available depending on demand  8-11 yrs, 12-17 yrs, 18+ yrs.  To register your interest contact Anne Marie at Get Cooking!

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  • Canny Cooking Lessons! 2nd September 2016

    Get Cooking! will be providing FREE Canny Cooking! cookery sessions on Tuesday’s for 5 weeks from September 20th 2016 at St Margeret’s Centre.  Contact Kingsway Children Centre to register and for more details. Whitnash cooking workshop information

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  • Get Cooking wins national award. 25th April 2016

    Get Cooking has won a national award from Networking Mummies UK Ltd.

    You can read the full story in the Warwick Courier by clicking here

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  • Love Food Hate Waste 15th February 2016

    Get Cooking is now on Love Food Hate Waste website Partner wall of fame in recognition of helping you waste less food, save money and help the environment.

    Click here to go to the website

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  • Frugal Cooking Demonstration 8th February 2016

    Frugal Cooking Demonstration at The Open Door Cafe, Hampton Magna 11-12pm Friday March 18th

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  • Frugal Cooking Demonstration 8th February 2016

    Frugal Cooking Demonstration at The Chain Hub, Crown Way, Lillington 11-12pm Wednesday March 11th

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  • New Monthly Demos 8th July 2015

    July 2015 will see monthly demos at The Chain, Crown Way, Lillington based on the Canny Cooking recipe book. Contact Anne Marie via email for more details.

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  • Cooking Up Some Money Saving Ideas 20th February 2015

    Anne-Marie of get cooking recently featured in an article in the Leamington Observer. The full story can be found by clicking here.


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  • Budget Fakeaway 8th February 2015

    February 2015 saw the launch of Budget Fakeaway cooking lessons in conjunction with The Gap

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