Private Cooking Lessons

Why book a private cooking lesson?

Private lessons are my most popular offering and I love the variety my job brings from bonding sessions between a parent and child, aunties with nephew and nieces.  A chance to spend some quality time in a neutral zone, away from phones and technology. 

I love how children grow in confidence throughout the lesson and the adult usually come away learning something too.  Although most lately parent and child have been learning together and it is wonderful to see the interaction. Especially when using the pasta machine or comparing cake decorating.  Giving the gift of cooking is truly a wonderful thing that lasts a lifetime.

In a private lesson you can ask all those questions Google does not always know the answer. I have 30 years of hospitality and food manufacturing as well as the experience of feeding a family. I can explain things in plain English to ensure you can replicate what we make.

It always surprises people how much you can make in two hours when you know how.  I never rush people and go at relaxed rate which enables you to take in what we are doing. More experienced cooks may create more, every lesson is different and bespoke to your needs whether dietary or otherwise. 

I am a very patient teacher and used to complete novices.  In recent years I have seen increasing number of older men wanting to learn some up to date recipes, or improve cooking skills after bereavement or have become a carer of their wife. A generation where they went out to work and mum cooked hearty meals. They want to learn to recreate them or sustain themselves in a more healthier way than unhealthy ready meals. Cooking skills enabling them to make more choices and control over what they eat.

Sometimes I get friends wanting a relaxing baking session or want to learn some healthy family meals. Batch cooking and adaptable for picky eaters are very popular! For some it is time which enables them to spend time with loved ones and celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary.

Family cooking sessions are increasing in popularity too. I keep being told children more willing to try new things when being taught be someone else. They are more open to ideas and follow instruction without any pressure and no worries about the mess they make. Great to see families have fun and working together to recreate their favourite takeaway.

Vegan cooking has been very popular over the last few years especially those going to university. Luckily I know loads of  quick tasty frugal recipes to sustain them and cook for their fellow house mates or family.

Aim of private lesson

My aim has always to show you what you can do with your ingredients and the recipe given is a guide.  I encourage you to deviate and make the most of your store cupboard ingredients and seasonal vegetables you have to hand, no matter how ordinary.  It’s all about flavour and discovering how to use it effectively.

If you would like to give a private cooking lesson as life enhancing experience you can purchase them here.  You can personalise them and then emailed straight to your or the intended recipients mail inbox.  They are valid for a year and can be used online or face to face when we are able. 

If you are struggling financially this year I have made sure the online live cooking lessons remain an affordable option.  Buy a gift voucher and let the recipient choose between a range of cooking lessons to suit a variety of tastes.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you or provide a fun cooking experience get in touch.  Anne Marie x